Friday, 19 December 2014

It's the most busiest time of the yeeeeear!

Yes, I am late yet again. Sorry. Haha. I promise that as soon as Christmas is over we will resume with regular posting. At the moment I have an early blooming terrible two year old and my sister visiting over Christmas. So things have been a little hectic. If I go a little quiet for the rest of December then I apologize in advance but promise to be back in January for DUCJC2015, Mirabilia SAL, Aimee Stewart SAL, Glendon Place Dessert series SAL and SFS. Phwew. Think I joined enough SALs for 2015? Haha.

Well...for now, I have managed some stitching in this craziness. I was experiencing some mojo loss and so I was bad and had a new start. It was supposed to be a DUCJC start but now it will be a WIP. Haha. I started 'Belle de Mer' by Joan Elliot on hand-dyed 28ct evenweave called 'Roseglow' from Sew it all fabric.

So far it's just a little work on her tail but she has me excited for stitching again.
Something else that has me excited is Mo's floss. I've had 2 Mo packages show up in the last couple of weeks.

It's all a bit jumbled but these are the Prince collection and Villain collection. If there is a floss you like then just ask and I could let you know what it is.

Well that is all for now. Sorry about everything being so higgle-dy piggle-dy. Christmas will be over soon. Haha.

Thank you for reading, commenting and following! I can't believe there are 26 followers now! Madness!
Until next time,


  1. Gorgeous flosses! Have a great Christmas.

  2. I agree, a new project on such a great fabric and a package full of wonderful threads can bring your stitching mojo back :) Great new project and some awesome SALs for next year.

  3. Great new project. The floss is gorgeous.
    Merry Christmas Nel.



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