Friday, 27 February 2015

SFS2015 February Report!

Month: February, 2015
Spent: $0
Earned: $0

The bonus to being busy is that this SFS is easy peasy ;) haha.

I tripped and fell from the face of the planet.

Well, where to start. My life has been...well it's been pretty hard of late and extremely busy.
I'm sorry for being missing for most of this month and I'm terribly sorry to all of you. I have no progress on anything and I can't really guarantee any in the near future.
To cut things short, my Grandma, the one who taught me to cross stitch, is very ill and we fear that she hasn't got very long yet. I'm the closest family she has in terms of distance so most of my time is spent helping her around the house and running errands for her as well as raising a now 2 year old.
I know all of you ladies will understand and again I am sorry.
I have managed some crochet while sitting in waiting rooms and so I'll try to show that in the next week or so.
Thank you all for being so lovely and understanding!
Until next time,

Friday, 6 February 2015

Friday posts on Friday!

How exciting! A Friday post on Friday. Haha.
Just a quick progress update!

I didn't get as much done as I would have liked but it's the most stitching I've done in weeks so I'm still happy.

Thank you for reading, commenting and following!
Until next time,

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Tuesday is close to Sunday....right?

Aha. Here I am. 2 days late...again...
What can I say? 2015 is a busy year apparently.

Good news though! I have stitching!

Before and after pictures of my Noah's Ark Birth Record by Design Works.
Not a whole lot of work but some is better than what I've managed lately..a.k.a 0. I'm going to keep working on this as the recipient has already been born. Haha. He is such a little cutie but I need to get myself into gear to finish this off for him.

I've also been working on this...

It's just a simple granny square baby blanket. It's almost finished as this has been my go to de-stress project for the last few days. Crochet is a lot easier to put down and pick up again when your almost 2yo decides that bedtime is for babies. haha.

Well that's all for today, I'm going to keep on with Noah's Ark over the next few days so I hope to be back Friday with another update for you all. Thanks for hanging in there guys.
Thanks for reading, commenting and following.
Until next time,

P.S. I'd like to add that I haven't abandoned the 31 starts/WIPS but they are on hold, even though Noah's Ark was one of the projects on the list!