Sunday, 19 July 2015

Busy weekends mean not enough stitching!

Hello again!
I must really be back if I've already got 3 posts for the month! Haha.

I had planned to have this up on Friday as I'd like to get back into my regular Friday posts but the Show/Carnival was in town Friday night and the rest of the weekend was spent catching up with friends and the dreaded House work. Bleaugh.

Here's what I managed to get done before the weekend.

Not too much but I was happy to get some of the brown and beige done. Unless you haven't seen the design before (though I'm sure most of you have as it's quite popular), it's the 'Cut Thru Pirate Ship' by Bothy Threads. Here is an image of the completed design.

I hope you all had a great weekend with friends or family or even at home with some stitching. I'll add some more photos of my Son from the weekend. Sorry to spam you all with photos of him lately but sometimes a Mum can't help herself and he can't object yet. ;)

 Until next time,


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