Sunday, 26 July 2015

Warning: This post contains cute-ness.

Back again for another post. I did try to have it up on Friday but I was a little distracted...

Meet Sebastian! Yes, I added a furry member to my little family.
He was not planned at all but my friend adopted his sister (whom she named Octavia) and was telling me that the shelter was worried they wouldn't find a home for her brother. Well, when I saw that he was Black, and very handsome, I couldn't say no. He is very cuddly and seems to be settling in very well. I do love animals but usually from a distance but for some reason we made a very quick connection at the shelter and he's been glued to me since.

Back to stitching!
I managed to get some more work done on 'Cut Thru Pirate Ship'. Here is a before and after:

Not too bad. I only worked on this for a few hours though as I also picked up my 'Halloween Town' by the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. Here is a before and after for that one:

Sorry that the after picture isn't so great. I finished the lettering underneath and started the left side of the chart. I'll get a better photo for the next update.

Also, my boyfriend saw the crazy Pokemon generation charts made by Servotron over on Deviantart and Sprite Stitch. You may have seen them on floss tube as they are pretty popular. Well, he gave me some puppy dog eyes and I agreed to attempt generation IV for him. I was looking online for some aida for it when I remembered that I had a huge piece of magic guide 18ct aida in my stash that I had started 'Treasure Hunt Book Shelf Mini' on. I decided to do the large version of this chart instead and so I had this sitting in my UFO box:

It's my mission tonight to pick this all out as this piece of fabric is the perfect size for this:

'Pokemon Generation IV' by Servotron. It's a free pattern that you can find in the link. It is also CRAZY! I'm going to stitch this one Pokemon at a time and I'm going to aim to get 4 Pokemon done each week between other projects. We shall see home that goes. Haha.

Well, I'm sorry this post was so long, I hadn't intended to be so chatty tonight. I hope you've all had great stitching weeks. Thank you all for reading and commenting. It's great to be back.
I'll leave you with a picture of my DS at the teddy bear's picnic this week.
Until next time,


  1. Wow...lots of news! Sebastian looks sweet and your son is gorgeous as always! You got lots done on Cut Thru Pirate. That boyfriend must be special if you are going to stitch that huge Pokemon design for him!

  2. Your new furbaby is adorable Neilteil. Nice stitching progress. I love the new chart.


  3. Wow, you were stitching up a storm, it seems. It must be great to be back to stitching.
    A lovely picture of your son.

  4. It turns out that I love everything that you're stitching. They're great, and now I might have to down load the pokemon charts!

  5. Your son is absolutely ADORABLE!!! Stitching looks wonderful and what a gorgeous kitty!

  6. Yes I know I'm so far behind lol. Hooray for a new kitty friend! I'm sure he'll find helping you stitch just as fun as your son might. ;) G'luck with the monster Pokemon piece. That one is quite popular on SS. :D

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