Sunday, 18 September 2016

I'm a bad girl!

It happened. I was being so good and then my self control ran away! Haha.
I had a new start and how could I not? Everywhere I look I see the Lakeside Needle Craft SAL and I needed it. Also, when my 3 year old saw that cute little Wizard he got so excited. So really, I had no choice! :)
I've decided to stitch it on a piece of 28ct Even weave from Sew It All. It's hand-dyed and the piece is called 'Mist Forrest'.

Here's my progress from the week.

I am absolutely in love with this and I'm finding it really hard to put it away to work on Gypsy Queen but then I remember how beautiful she is and get excited all over again. Hopefully I'll pick her up this week.
Thanks for reading,
Have fun stitching. :)


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