Monday, 12 September 2016

Progress and a Christmas Mouse!

SO as per usual, I didn't get as much stitching done as I would have liked but every stitch is one stitch closer to a finish. ;)

So here is some progress on Gypsy Queen,

Sorry about the terrible photos.
I did some more of the blue pillar and then the colours that I didn't have arrived so I went back and filled in some of the purple sash and started a blended orange colour in her skirt.

While I'm still in love with Gypsy Queen, I did take a little break from her to stitch up a free magazine kit.

This is one of three Christmas mice from a free Margaret Sherry kit in an issue of WOCS.
I think he's extra cute and I'll probably stick him onto a card for my sister for Christmas.

Well that's all for now, See you soon!


  1. Gypsy queen is going to be beautiful. Love that little mouse too ~ so cute!

  2. That's the cutest little Christmas mouse, and Gypsy Queen is looking great so far!

  3. Congrats on the cute finish and nice progress.


  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Welcome back to blogging to you too. Can't wait to see more posts!

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