Friday, 7 November 2014

Stash enhancement at it's finest! and a SAL! or two! And some Giveaways!

Welcome back. Unless it's your first time here, in which case, welcome! :)

Well, I've been waiting a few weeks for some of my S.E.X items to arrive...hahaha. But today I found not one, not two but three packages waiting for me!

One from 123stitch(large), one form Mo's Sale (white) and the last from The European cross stitch company. Here's what I ordered...

Patterns, fabrics and floss for some of my DUCJC2015. And yes, that is a spool of DMC 310. Haha. I know a few people aren't a fan of the coverage but I don't have any problems with it.

My first order from Mo. They are all gorgeous and I don't want to use any of them. Haha.The colours in order are:
Aurora, Pastel(silk), Cinderella, Blue Lagoon, Belle, Jasmine, Tardis, Reed, Snow White, Patronus, Merida and Jade.

Lastly, these are all of the beads for my Chatelaine! So pretty.

It's safe to say that today was a pretty good day. Haha. Over the weekend I shall sort, wind a kit more of my DUCJC2015 starts.

As far as stitching this week I didn't do any. At all. I had withdrawals. Haha. Until this afternoon when the baby sampler kit arrived in my 123stitch order. I had planned to make this a 2015 start but the friend who I am making it for is due in January and with all the starts going on I thought it best to start it now and hopefully get a lot of it done before the end of the year. Here's my start...

Not a lot. Haha. Hopefully you'll all cheer for me and I'll power through it.

As for stitch a longs, I am co hosting a Glendon Place Dessert Series Mandala SAL with Brenda at xStitchHaven. The details are all listed in the link and I hope you can join. If not I'm sure that Brenda and I will enjoy stitching this just the two of us! Haha,

The other SAL is an Aimee Stewart HAED DUCJC2015 stitch a long. haha. It is a facebook group you can join and is for anyone who intends to start an Aimee Stewart pattern during their DUCJC2015 starts.

And finally the give aways! Santa Nancy is at it again with her 25 Days of Christmas Giveaways! Make sure to enter everyday separately!

Well that is all for tonight, sorry if this post is a bit on the bleh side. My son had a friend stay the night as her parents needed a night off and needless to say I am one tired Mumma right now. Haha.
As always, thank you for reading, commenting and following.
Until next time,


  1. Great stash. That will keep you busy for a while! :-)

  2. Love all your new stash Nel. Great start.


  3. I have a spool of 310 in my wishlist too ahaha. I haven't bought it yet because I'm really not sure if I like 310 or not~ I'm okay with the coverage but of all the DMCs, 310 is the one that knots the worst for me! Really weird. Buuuut... one can never, ever have enough black. It was a fun day of packages for you! At least these beads came sorted. G'luck on your desserts mandalas; I've always admired the Baked Alaska one. Sucker for blue and all. :B

  4. Nice start on the sampler. Wow that is a whole lot of new stash. I have a cone of 310 and have never minded the coverage. It's really useful to have around.

  5. Awesome stash enhancement!! Loving the floss colors you got!

  6. Gorgeous new stash. I LOVE those threads!!! Wonderful. xx


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