Monday, 3 November 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

 Well, I'm late but atleast I made it! And it's still the 3rd somewhere....right? Haha.
Thank you to Rosey of Ishkabibble for tagging/nominating me for the Around the World blog hop. I was supposed to choose 3 people to pass it on to but I think nearly everyone has done it already so at the bottom I may leave 3 random facts about myself instead. Anyway, on to the questions!

1. What am I working on?
Well as of right now, not a whole lot. Haha. I finished MMMM and then I was working on Mystery Halloween Town for Halloween and now I'm not sure if I should start something or try and finish MHT before the end of the year and add something else to my DUCJC2015 list. Anyway, this is where I am up to with MHT...

So, the short answer...nothing. Haha. Hopefully I'll make up my mind by Friday. ;)

2. How does my work differ to others of it's Genre?

Ugh....probably the fact that I don't have a genre? haha. I go with what I feel. I'm not particularly drawn to one style of Cross stitch and I'll try anything once. If anything I love working with colour. I don't think I'll ever stitch a black and white piece.

3. Why do I create what I do?

I love crafting. I use it as my 'me time'. I suffered post natal depression after the birth of my son. It was brought on mainly to the fact that I wasn't able to give birth to him naturally and I had to have a C - section. Well I struggled after that and I felt like a bit of a failure(not anymore ;)) but  one of the things that calmed me down and made me feel better was crafting. I used to scrapbook but that takes a lot of time and space and after finding Debbie's blog I re-found Cross Stitch. Well since then I haven't been able to stop. haha. I still love it when my son has gone to bed (and the house has been tidied) that I can sit down in silence and pick up my stitching.

4. How does my creating process work?

Haha, well...I sit down with a cup of tea, turn on my handy day-light lamp and get going! ;) Haha. I choose designs that I like whether it's for me or someone else so nothing special really.

Phwew, now that that is done I can tell yo three random facts. Ugh....ok...

1. I love Sailor Moon and Disney Princesses. Haha. I am a big kid at heart and most of the time when I'm stitching I have one of the two going in the background. It's good because I know almost all episodes and movies off by heart now and I don't even need to look up from my stitching!

2. I lived in Katherine in the Northern Territory for six years. and I hated it! It's 3.5 hours from Darwin which makes it very remote. I'm a city girl at heart and the fact that it didn't have a craft store drove me crazy.

3. I have been engaged twice but never married. That sounds so weird. Haha. The first time was to my High School sweet heart but it unfortunately didn't last long distance after I had to move. The second was to my son's father and unfortunately he preferred video games to parenting. Fun. For the time being I have sworn off relationships.

Well that is all. Thank you so much for making it to the bottom. Sorry if I overwhelmed you with information. I would like to add that none of this information was given out to start a pity party for myself. I have come to terms with all of the things I have divulged and maybe I can help someone because of it. :)

Well, thank you once again for reading, commenting and following.
Until next time,


  1. It was nice to learn a little more about you and your stitching Nel. Looking forward to our January challenge.


  2. I've hear of several people turning to stitching in low points in their life (including myself!) and grow from there. I think the sitting down in silence helps a lot. It's like meditation with the added bonus of productive fingers. :) And how can you keep a house clean with a toddler! It's impossible I tell you!

    I'm definitely a country girl though so living somewhere remote sounds like a dream haha.


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