Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween!

Hello again and welcome back on this spooky day. :)
Australia is slowly starting to celebrate Halloween which I think is fantastic. I love the fun of it. So much so that I made some last minute decorations to show people that they could trick or treat at our house.

Nothing fancy just some cut out mask style creatures on kitchen skewers with ribbons. Haha. I placed them around the path to the front door as well as some balloons that I drew faces onto, We didn't have many kids stop by but the few groups that did loved the extra effort.

It's good we didn't have too many visitors because someone found his way into the candy bowl...

Yep, bedtime was a bit of a nightmare after one too many chocolates. Haha. But he did rock his Superman costume.

After he finally fell asleep I got cozy and settled in for my own little Halloween tradition.

I kicked the night off with Haunted Mansion. Yes, I realize it is intended for children but I love it. Haha. I just love the whole haunted house with a back story angle. Stitching is new to this year but I think it will work it's way into my Halloween tradition. I decided to do some work on Halloween Town because...well it's Halloween. ;)

I've been working on part 4 which is the band along the bottom. After part 4 in complete it will go away again for January.

Well this post hasn't been very stitchy related but I thought I'd add some pictures of two of my favourite places.

The first two images are of London Court in the Perth City shopping district. It's ye olde and it's been there longer than I've been around. Haha. It's a great place for a coffee and around Christmas they have snow machines on the tops of the buildings.

The last two are Pioneer Village in Armadale. If you've ever ordered from Colours Down Under then this is where it comes from. haha. It's another ye olde (noticing a theme?) style shopping village.

Now before I leave you to enjoy your festivities I need 3 tributes...I mean volunteers....;) who would like to take part in the Around the World blog hop. I was tagged by Rosey175 over on her blog Ishkabibble and will put my post up on Monday but I need to tag 3 people to pass it on to. I don't really want to just tag people in case they don't want to do it so if you would like to then please leave a comment bellow. You will have to make your post on the 10th of November and hopefully tag 3 more people to pass it along to,

Phwew. That was longer than I expected it to be. Haha. As always, thank you for reading, commenting and following.
Until next time,


  1. Oh Nel....your little superman is a cutie pie!!
    And I like Haunted Mansion :) I can't remember how many times I've watched it!
    Great stitching and THANKS for the pics!! I order from them often! My favourite aussie company :)
    Looking forward to reading your Hop post :)

    1. Haha thank you :) yeah, it's a good Halloween movie for family's. Haha. Yeah, I thought you may like to see it. I'll ask Jo next time if I can take some pictures of the actual store front :)

  2. Cute decorations Nel. Lovely stitching.


  3. Hi, Rosey recommended your blog! She's a good saleswoman.
    I'm also stitching the Frosted Pumpkin Town and doing Debbie's UCJC next year so I expect we will hear a lot from each other!

    1. Oh wonderful! Thank you for taking the time to wander over :) I had just found your blog the other day and was reading through some of your posts. It's so nice to know I haven't entered the madness alone. Haha.

  4. Ooh, I like the decorations to let people know they can trick or treat. Here people get all fancy with the yard decorations but if they don't have them, they leave a porch light on. We live in the middle of a cornfield so no risk of people visiting us haha.

    Frosted Pumpkin stitches are so cute. :D


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