Friday, 10 October 2014

A finished finish! :)

Hello again!

I hope you all had a great week full of tiny little crosses. Haha.
I finished my finish a little earlier than expected and I love it! It's now not only my first beaded project but also my first crafty finish. So first we have some progress pictures...

I held my breath while I put the front piece together. My goodness. Haha.
But I worried for nothing because...

Ta-da! Haha. I love it. I do think that the stitching is a little to the left but I hope it's not too noticeable. Here is the back...

And here is an artsy photo because I was trying to capture how sparkly it is. Haha.

Ooh, bring on Christmas so I can display this baby! Haha. So there is my first finished finish for MMMM. I do have some progress on 'Keeping Watch'.

I am really enjoying this. It's not as much progress as I would have liked but that's mainly due to our mid week hospital visit and these...

Yes, I have started putting together my DUCJC2015 projects. I am still waiting on supplies like fabrics and floss etc. but I feel better knowing that I have some ready to go. I'll have better pictures of all of these plus the others and all of their materials closer to January. I did want to show you the colours for Snow White and the Seven Dwarves though...

How fun are they? Haha.

Well that is all for now. I will be back on Sunday with my giveaway post. If you would like to be entered you must be following by Sunday as this is a followers only giveaway as my way to say thank you for taking an interest in my little blog :) Anyway, more details to come on Sunday. For now though, thank you again for reading, commenting and following!


  1. What a darling finish! Great job!!!

  2. Oooh your finish looks so great!! And you survived the other Rhodes heart stitches! :D And glad your son is on the mend; being a momma must be tough.

    As for sorting those beads; more power to you! Something like that would never fly in this house -- all those adorable feline "helpers" would have the entire house covered in beads before one could blink.

    1. Thank you! I did, they were fun once I had them down. Haha.
      Oh yes, some days are harder than other but that's what stitch therapy is for. Haha.

      I'm glad we don't have a cat but it was definitely an 'after the boy goes to bed' project. :)

  3. Wonderful finish!!!! Congrats -- I'm sure your breath holding was the trick that perfected everything.

  4. You did a fantastic job at finishing the ornament. I would never have noticed that it wasn't quite even if you hadn't said anything.
    Which Snow White design are you doing.


    1. I'm doing a Banner type design I found in an old Walt Disney Cross stitch pattern book. It's on my DUCJC list but the picture is a little hard to see.


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