Sunday, 12 October 2014

Double Digits Give Away!

Woo hoo!
Sorry this post is late, it's been a day and a half! Haha.
So now it is time for a give away! This is a followers only give away as my thanks to you.
I will automatically be entering all of my followers that have subscribed to my blog before today. If you DO NOT want to be entered then please comment below. I will be writing every ones names down and have someone else draw a name from a hat to decide the winner. The drawing will be a week from today so people have plenty of time to let me know if they would not like to be entered.

So, enough of the boring stuff, onto the prize!
Seeing as so many of you liked it I have decided to pass on my copy of 'Joy' by the Sweetheart Tree. (I would like to disclose that I have not made copies of this pattern and that I am giving away the only copy of it).
This is not the prize though. The prize is that I have re-kitted it so that you will have absolutely everything you need to make your own. This includes needles, fabric, floss, beads, batting and trim. Not only that but there will be some surprise goodies in the pack. Here is a photo of the chart and floss...

So, that being said, thank you for following me, commenting and reading. Come back next Sunday to see if you are the winner.
Until next time,

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