Saturday, 25 October 2014

Late again!

Some days I feel like the White Rabbit. Haha.
Hello again!
Sorry for missing yesterdays post. I'm in the middle of helping my Grandma move houses so I've been really tired. But enough excuses. I don't have any progress pictures as I've only worked on my MMMM pieces this past week between moving and I would like to save them for the final post next week. So instead I've taken a pictures of my current stash. It's not a lot at the moment but I think it's a lot seeing as I only got back into stitching a year ago. :\ Haha.

First I have this book that my Grandma gave me yesterday. It's an old sampler book that she had in a drawer. There are quite a couple that I would like to do. Here are some photos...

Now, the bulk of my stash are the 31 projects for January. I'll save photos of those until closer to the starting date.

I hope that no one wants to strangle me but I keep my stash in a plastic tub. Haha. It's not a great way to organize it all but at the moment its all that I have so it will have to do. :)

Here are some of the contents you haven't seen...

Just a kit, charts and some of my specialty threads. :) I have left 2 spaces open in my 31 for DUCJC and I think I will do a poll to get you guys to help me choose the last 2.

Well that is all for now. Sorry that this post is late and not really very exciting. Haha. I can tell you that I finished my most recent finish and will show that on Wednesday. Also, sorry for the glare and poor photo quality. Well, thank you for reading commenting and following.
Until next time,


  1. I keep my stash in plastic bins and tubs and drawers. The Precious Angel Kitties (cough) will get into pretty baskets if left to their own devices so other solutions work just as well even if they're not fancy.

    That Christmas sampler looks like it'd be a lot of fun although I can't tell if it's the picture or pattern -- are the colors (mostly) soft reddish oranges? I think I'd torture myself with that pattern and use the Christmas light effects pack.

    1. Oh yes, my 20 month old would love nothing more than for me to open that tub and let him in. Haha.

      Yes, I think I'll do it after October and hopefully get it done in time. There are a tonne of specialty stitches that I haven't tried before so it may take longer than usual. Haha. I think it's just the picture, it's lots of soft neutral Christmas colours :) Hopefully it'll show better when stitching it :)

  2. Love all your stash Nel. Thats how I keep all my stash. I too have very bad kitties and have to keep everything enclosed.


    1. Thank you :) Yes, the DS would love to go through the tub.

  3. Hey -- we've got nothing against plastic tubs -- they might be a stitcher's really good friend (not best friend mind you because that's usually her sanity, scissors, or needle minder ;-) )

  4. Oh I keep some of my stuff in plastic tubs too!! There's nothing wrong with them! They're great especially if you don't have a dedicated craft room! You have some great projects in there!

    1. Yeah, not lucky enough for a craft room just yet. Haha. But that's ok, keeps the child and other things out. Haha.


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