Tuesday, 23 September 2014

When the kid is away...

The cross stitching Mother shall stash enhance! Haha. Hello new Followers and Readers! My goodness, I feel like I post almost everyday. I'm sure I'll slow down once I get into the swing of it. So, my wonderful Dad offered to watch my very energetic DS today and that meant one thing...A visit to Spotlight and my LNS. I didn't buy a lot because I have a lot to get in preparation of DUCJC and I haven't made a list of everything I need to start quite yet. Haha. These are the few things that I splurged on.
Some Plastic mesh size 10, wonder clips, size 26 John James Cross stitch needles, a Mill Hill ornament kit and an embellishment that I liked and thought would look nice on the ornament.
The mesh is for the Disney girl sprites. I plan to turn them into fridge magnets for something a little different. I usually only buy Bohin needles but I saw these and thought I'd give them a whirl. Haha.

The Mill Hill kit I got to add to my list of projects for MMMM. I hadn't planned to add anymore but when I saw it I couldn't help myself(sound familiar? ;)). Here is a big of a closer look, sorry about the glare.
We don't get Snow here at any time of the year which is a shame because I love the cold and I can only dream about how gorgous a white, cold Christmas would be. For now I shall have to settle for a cross stitched snow man. ;)

Lastly, here is the progress I promised on Halloween Town!
Moving along slowly but surely. To be honest I've done more planning for the two SALs than I have done stitching. I hate being unorganized and I love to have everything together well ahead of time. Well that's enough from me. Thank you so much again for reading and following and commenting! Haha. I can't believe that I'm already at 7. 3 more and I'll have a little give away.
Thank you for reading!


  1. Love your new stash, especially the cute Snowman. Where do you live that there is no snow? I have done lots of planning for those SALs as well. I think I am about 4 projects short for DUCJC but I really need to start kitting them up!

    1. I'm in Perth, Western Australia. I do love it here but I wish we had Northern hemisphere weather ;) Yeah, that's my problem. I have all of the patterns now but it's buying all of the floss and material and then printing all of the patterns and bagging them all up. Haha. I just keep thinking about how much it will Cost but after January I plan to have no new starts (except 2 HAEDs that I may not be able to resist ;)) so it's not all that expensive as they will last me a while. :)

  2. I'm doing that Halloween Town too! Super cute progress! Love your fabby choice too.

    1. Thank you! I'll have to go over to your blog and check your Halloween Town out ;)


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