Sunday, 11 January 2015

DUCJC2015 day 11 and SFS

Welcome to day 11! and my first SFS post!
Today I started something that I've been reeeeally excited about. Both because I love the pattern and also because it was Debbie that lead me to it. You'll understand in a minute.

It is 'Cut Thru Fairy Hill' by Bothy Threads! Yes I know that Debbie wasn't actually doing this one but I first found these kits through her blog and so I feel that this is my special project just for her.
You are probably wondering what is with the fabric. Yes, that is not the supplied Aida from the kit. I had this in my stash and felt that it matched the design to make it even more fairy-ish. It is called 'Fairy Floss' and it is a hand dye Evenweave from Sew it All. My picture doesn't do it any justice so feel free to follow the link to get a better look.

Now onto SFS! Yes I know it's not the end of the month but I just wanted to do a bit of an intro.
So I have decided to stick to $25 AUD. It's a little less than $25 USD but I'm not going to worry about that. I will be posting my progress on the 1st of each month (or a couple of days after if need be). My main goal is to spend as little as possible over the whole 6 months of the first half of SFS and just work with what I have(which is pretty much everything I need). Well that's all until February 1st, not too exciting. Haha.

Well that's all again folks.
Thank you for reading, commenting and following!
Until tomorrow,


  1. great start !!!
    I also started last year a cut thru kit thanks to Debbie =D ...havent worked on it for a while thou , maybe after the challenge is over Ill pick it back up

  2. Great new start! I've just finished the Cut Thru that Debbie's blog inspired me to start. I had mixed emotions finishing it but it will be a lovely reminder of her friendship and enthusiasm, as will yours.

  3. That's a great piece for this challenge. And a wonderful tribute to Debbie.


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