Friday, 9 January 2015

DUCJC2015 day 9

Well I almost didn't make it today but here I am. Life has been pretty hectic all of a sudden but I'm going to continue trying to get a post up everyday in January for DUCJC.
Today I started 'The Prosperity Fae by Passione Ricamo'.

Ta-da! Haha. Ok, I'm sorry, I know I promised more progress for today but unfortunately my plans went astray and this is all I managed.

To make up for it though, I will show you what arrived in the mail!

Yay! These were my Christmas gifts from my Sister but unfortunately they didn't arrive in time but they're here now and that's all that matters! haha. The left is just some DMC and Kreinik I needed for some of my DUCJC2015 projects and right is my pattern and floss for the Glendon Place SAL that I am co hosting with Brenda of xStitchHaven. If you are interested in joining us then please head here before the 15th to sign up and get all the details. There are 8 of us so far and I can't wait to start!

Well that is all again for tonight. Thank you so much for your encouragement everyone! It's tough to blog everyday but I'm going to try my hardest to keep it up!
Thank you again for reading, commenting and following!
Until tomorrow,


  1. Another lovely start! Your Glendon Place piece and flosses look gorgeous.

  2. You are doing great so far and that's a lovely start as well.
    Great new stash as well.

  3. I think that bag of blue floss just fried my brain. :D You've done well with all your starts and the Glendon Place SAL is going to be magnificent.

  4. That's a good mail day! Sometimes our stitching suffers while we, you know, have a life!

  5. Nice start Nel. I just got Rainbow Parfait that I will be starting. But, I don't think I can join anymore SAL's.


  6. Just signed up for the SAL since I started this a few days ago !!


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