Friday, 2 January 2015

DUCJC2015 day 2

Yessss, I am back and on time!
Today I decided to pull out Sleeping Beauty by Thomas Kinkade. I had a few child free hours today so I got a lot more done than usual.

Sorry the picture is so terrible the lighting is really bad at night. Haha. I managed to make my way to the 2 little birds(the bright red and blue blobs) and do their back stitch. They're really cute close up. Well that's all for tonight, I shall be back tomorrow with another surprise! ;)
Thanks for reading, commenting and following!
Until tomorrow,


  1. Good progress. It is nice to get a bit of child free time sometimes!

  2. Great start! I've forgotten what child free time is like over the Christmas holidays. Will miss them when they start school again next week.

  3. Nice progress Nel. Another one in my to do someday pile.


  4. Sleeping Beauty has always been one of my fav Disney characters, and I haven't seen this one stitched up yet, so I look forward to your progress!


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